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 Remote coaching online option!
Our Strength, Power and Movement Training on YOUR PHONE and in YOUR GYM     

Open to all Male and Female Athletes who are looking for high quality programming and training at an affordable price.

Our online program design and training option is a low cost way to access some of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. Our staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning  (CSCS) coaches design your program. Our training App can be accessed by your smart phone and your daily results are entered by you after each of your workouts. Our coaching staff can analyze your numbers and update your program for your next session.  Athletes who chose this option have access to thousands of supporting coaching video clips and athletes can actually send us video of their lifts so we can analyze technique and provide feedback. All of this and more is available to any athlete for a monthly fee. Simply call or email to start the process of becoming a Competitive Edge trained athlete. 


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